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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#51 Liva La Espana, Catalonia, Galicia,  Asturias

Celtic punk from Spain and it's Autonomous communities - featuring Drink Hunters new album "With My Crew"

Drink Hunters-Welcome to Happiness

Bastards on Parade - GAELIC

Brutus' Daughter - Born A Girl

The Fatty Farmers - A Drunken Night In Temple Bar

Oi Nast

Drink Hunters - Drinking Song

Skontra-La to sienda

Bastards on Parade - OUTLAW REBEL SONGS

La MODA -  Sinking & Singing

Drink Hunters-She was 56

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Shite'n'Onions podcast#50 Bill Grogan's Goat

Bill Grogan's Goat - Danny Boy - Second Wind

Bill Grogan's Goat - Cam Ye O'er Frae France - Second Wind

Boiled In Lead - Death On Hennepin - Silver

Sir Reg - I'll Leave For New York 

Farley's Fury - Anchor - Purgatory Quebec

Lexington Field - Old Dirt Road - Old Dirt Road

Bill Grogan's Goat - The Wild Rover - Bill Grogan's Goat

Finn's Fury - Auld Triangle - Paddy Rock Radio Vol 3

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#49 Robbie Burns

Where hae ye been sae braw, lad?
Whare hae ye been sae brankie, O?
Whare hae ye been sae braw, lad?
Cam ye by Killiecrankie, O?

Chorus.-An ye had been whare I hae been,
Ye wad na been sae cantie, O;
An ye had seen what I hae seen,
I' the Braes o' Killiecrankie, O.

I faught at land, I faught at sea,
At hame I faught my Auntie, O;
But I met the devil an' Dundee,
On the Braes o' Killiecrankie, O.
An ye had been, &c.

The bauld Pitcur fell in a furr,
An' Clavers gat a clankie, O;
Or I had fed an Athole gled,
On the Braes o' Killiecrankie, O.
An ye had been, &c.

The Real McKenzies - Auld lang sync - Clash of The Tartans

The Electrics - Killiecranked Up -SnO V1

The Real McKenzies - Scots Wha hae - Clash of The Tartans

Murder The Stout - Troosers - EP

Prydein - Stairway To Scotland - Loud Pipes

Roaring Jack - The Bonny Wee Well -Through The Smoke Of Innocence

The Electrics - Caledonia - Old New Borrowed & Green

Hugh Morrison - Ye Jacobites By Name - Robert Burns Rocks

Junkman's Choir - Sawney Bean - The Junkmans Call

The Electrics - A Man's A Man For A That - Old New Borrowed & Green

Hugh Morrison - Farewell To The Highlands - Robert Burns Rocks

The Crofters - Scotland The Brave - Hold My Beer While I Kiss Your Girlfriend

Hugh Morrison - Auld Lang Syne - Robert Burns Rocks

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#48 Murder The Stout

Murder The Stout - Troosers - 6 Track EP

Murder The Stout - Leaving Of Liverpool - 6 Track EP

The Wakes - St Patricks Battalion - No Irish Need Apply

Jack Flash - Shearers Strike - Jack Flash

Murder The Stout - The Foggy Dew - 6 Track EP

Roaring Jack - Lads Of The BLF - The Complete Works

Mutiny - Digging For Gold - Mutiny

The Gobshites- Shane's Dentist - Poitin

The Wages of Sin - Jolly Roger - Custom of the Sea

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#47 THE BEST OF 2011

Shite'n'Onions annual best of list.

The Bloody Irish Boys: Auld St. Partick
 Back Where We Belong
 Auld St Patrick

The Langers Ball: Drunk, Sick, Tired
 All For Me Grog
 Raglan Road

The Skels: Heading For The Knackers Yard
 American Men
 Blood In The Pub

The Go Set: Another Round In Melbourne Town
 North Of The 23
 The Old Dark Brown

IceWagon Flu: Off The Wagon 2
 Follow Me Up To Carlow
 Galway Races

Sharks Come Cruisin: A Past We Forget That We Need To Know

Bastards On Parade: Tales From The Death Shore

Horslips: Live At The O2
 Trouble (With A Capital T)
 Dearg Doom

Sir Reg: A Sign Of The Times
 Sign Of Times
 This Country's For Sale

Jack Flash: Jack Flash
 Shearers Strike
 Queensberry Rules

The Radiators From Space: Trouble Pilgrim
 Joe Strummer

The Mahones: The Black Irish
 Lord of the Dirty Hordes
 Give It All Ya Got (Or Forget About It)
 Girl With Galway Eyes

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#46 JACK FLASH

Podcast#46 featuring the new full length from Australia's JackFlash

Jackflash - Rebel's Revenge (Jackflash)
Jackflash - Augathella Station (Jackflash)
Neck - Psycho Ceilidh Mayhem Set (Sod 'em & Begorrah)
The Radiators From Space - Hinterland (Trouble Pilgrim)
The Authority!-If I Should Fall From Grace With God (Scene Killer Vol2)
Black 47 - Livin' In America - 11 Years on /with Mary Courtney (New York Town)
The Langer's Ball - As I Roved Out (Live — Drunk Sick Tired)
The Rumjacks - The Bold Rumjacker (Hung Drawn & Potered)
Siobhan - Jakey's Gone To Germany (Welfare State)
Neck- The Fields Of Athenry (EP)
Lexington Field - Holes In Our Hearts (Old Dirt Road)
Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers - The Devil & Dr Holmes (The Murderer The Thief The Minstrels & The Rest)
Junkman's Choir - Sawney Beane
Jackflash - Shearers Strike (Jackflash)
Jackflash - Queensberry Rules (Jackflash)

Jack Flash is a Toowoomba born and based folk/punk six-piece with a unique brand of catchy, dancing tunes, lyrical genius and fancy flair. Originating in the spring of 2006 they developed a style which brings traditional Australian folk sounds and themes to a punk audience.

Jack Flash is influenced by such acts as Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphy’s, Red Gum, The Pogues and The Bushwhackers Band. Drawing on a rich background of Australian, Celtic and American tunes, the Jack Flash boys have forged their own sound and deliver a fresh contribution to the Folk/Punk genre.

In the past four years the band has performed extensively around South East Queensland, with regular forays into New South Wales and Victoria. Jack Flash have had the honour of sharing the stage with a multitude of highly acclaimed international and local acts, including Leftover Crack (USA), Pack (Switz.), KC & The Moonshine Band (Canada), Unpaid Debt, Zombie Ghost Train, The Go Set, Sydney City Trash, Steve Towson, Blowhard and The Quickening

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#45 Skels Interview

The Skels - American Men

Interview with The Skels

The Skels - I'll Tell Me Ma


The Radiators From Space - Joe Strummer(OUT NOW FROM WWW.SHITENONIONS.COM)

The Langer's Ball - The Real Old Mountain Dew

The Go Set - The Old Dark Brown

Wild Colonial Bhoys - Rock On Rockall

Across The Border - Irish Airraid Over Germany

The Yorkshire Rats - Yorkshire Bastard


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 Horslips - King Of The Fairies - Live @ the O2

Warblefly - Warblefly In My Beer - Tenerife To Dover

Hugh Morrison - Farewell To The Highlands - Robert Burns Rocks

Horslips - The Man Who Built America - Live @ the O2

Black 47 - San Patricio Brigade (with Eileen Ivers) - New York Town

The Steam Pig - The Wise Old Men On Dominic Street - Deep Fried Obedience

The Gobshites - Somebody put something in my drink - Another Round

Ceann - Last Ones Standing - Keep Your Pants On

Horslips - Mad Pat - Live @ the O2

Horslips - Dearg Doom - Live @ the O2

Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers - One Day in May - Don't Count Me Out

Ceann - Monahan The Mutineer - Keep Your Pants On

The Narrpwbacks - The Confessional - Demo

Podcast 37 features the new live CD from Horslips, Live @ the O2, recorded at the triumphal re-union show at Dublins O2 arena. We also included a few tracks from Ceann as a tribute to the recently passed fron man Patrick Halloran.



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The Mahones - A Pain From Yesterday - The Black Irish

The Mahones - Give It All Ya Got - The Black Irish

 Drunken Dru - Is This Bar Open Till Tommorrow - Saint Henri

The Radiators From Space - Joe Strummer - Trouble Pilgram

The Wakes - St Patricks Battalion - No Irish Need Apply

Blaggard - Suspicious Minds - Standards

Farley's Fury - Anchor - Purgatory Quebec

The Mahones - Ghost Of A Whiskey Devil - The Black Irish

The Mahones - Girl With Galway Eyes - The Black Irish

The Cyder Fecks - The Dropkick Murphys Took My Baby Away

Black Irish Texas - To Hell With The King - To Hell With The King

BibleCodeSundays - Paddy Devil - EP

The Lagan - Work Away




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When I was a wee laddie, I had a subscription to Kerrang! magazine (my taste has since improved) and one of the things as a music geek I’d love was their lists of best of all time. These lists would give me names of bands who’s records I’d go and track down, a sense of smugness as I’d agree with their choices and a sense of superiority as I disagreed with other choices. So, in the spirit of education and being a music snob, here is my list of the best Celtic-punk CDs of all time (subject to change of course).

1) The Pogues: Rum Sodomy and The Lash

The Pogues very best despite Elvis Costello’s production. The original of the species and the best. Without this we’d still be listening to Van Hagar

2) Flogging Molly: Swagger


FMs best and never yet repeated. The band and CD that started the US scene

3) Neck: Sod’em and Begorrah


The world most definite Celtic-punk band, their most definite CD

4) The Tossers: The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Contains the best single Celtic-punk track ever - the Dee Dee Ramone tribute, “No Loot, No Booze, No Fun” and the rest of the tracks aren’t half bad either

5) Blood or Whiskey: Blood or Whiskey

The band that made me open my eyes that there was more out there than just The Pogues

6) Greenland Whalefishers: Loboville

Not a drop of Irish blood and this good - no way - yeah way

7) Shane MacGowan and The Popes: The Snake

Just to prove Shane-O could do it without The Pogues

8) The Mahones: Here Come Lucky

Contains the other best single Celtic-punk track ever - “The Queen and Tequila”. Finny McConnell proves he’s one of the best song writers in any scene

9) Dropkick Murphys: Warriors Code

I’m Shipping up to Boston – it will have you’re Granny singing along. Nuff said

10) BibleCodeSundays: Boot or no Boots

The future of Celtic-punk and the band that will break through to the stadiums (and redemption for the MacManus clan after elder brothers messing up of the production on 1)

Other Honorable’s

The Go Set: Sing a Song of Revolution

Totally out of the blue these guys showed up in the mail box and blow me away. Totally raw and passionate

Black 47: Fire of Freedom

While not strictly Celtic-punk I wouldn’t be doing this without B47

The Rumjacks: Both EPs

When they get their debut full length out they will be bumping someone off the list




The Rumjacks - I'll Tell Me Ma!

The Rumjacks - The Bold Rumjacker

Black 47 - James Connolly

Black 47 - Livin' In America

The Go Set - The Old Dark Brown

The Go Set - Sing Me A Song

BibleCodeSundays - Irish Londoner

BibleCodeSundays - The Green & Red of Harrow

The Mahones - Queen And Tequila

The Mahones - Going Back To Dublin

Greenland Whalefishers - July Morning

Greenland Whalefishers - Loboville

Blood or Whiskey - Bucharest

Blood or Whiskey - Galway Town

The Tossers - No Loot No Booze No Fun

The Tossers - Goodmornin' Da

Neck - Psycho Ceilidh Mayhem Set

Neck - Blood On The Streets


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