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Shite'n'Onions celtic-punk Paddy's Days special - Podcast #91

Muirsheen Durkin and Friends - The Pogues & Whiskey

The Mahones - St. Patrick's Day Irish Punk Song

Hit The Bottle Boys - Whiskey in the Jar

Jackdaw - Where is Claire?

Alternative Ulster - Jenny Metals

The Tossers - Johnny McGuire's Wake

Neck - The Foggy Dew

The Narrowbacks - Rising Of The Moon

The Langer's Ball - Cork Dry Gin

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Shite'n'Onions celtic-punk Paddy's Days special - Podcast #90

The Langer's Ball -  Sword of Light

The Go Set - Rolling Sound

Alternative Ulster - Riot in the Rondout

Charm City Saints - The Night Paddy Murphy Died

The Rumjacks - Sober & Godless

The Go Set - Punkfest Night

The Narrowbacks - Shannon

The  Dullahans - Molly Malone

Mischief Brew - Every Town Will Celebrate

BibleCodeSundays -  Pittsburgh Kid



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Shite'n'Onions celtic-punk Podcast #89

Shite'n'Onions best of 2015 list.

Celkilt: On The Table

On the Table

The Tosspints: The Privateer

Marching On

Circle J: Year of the Goat

The ones we left behind

Larkin: A Toast to St. Jude

Wages of Sin

Continental: Millionaires

Fun Fun Fun

Trouble Pilgrims

Instant Polaroid

Ferocious Dog: From Without

Gallows Justice

Slow Motion Suicide

Pete Berwick: The Legend of Tyler Doohan

The Legend of Tyler Doohan

Keep your socks on and don't look down

Greenland Whalefishers: The Thirsty Cave

20 Years of Waiting


The Rumjacks: Sober and Godless

Blows & Unkind Words

Sober & Godless

The Mahones: The Hunger & The Fight (part two)

Riot Tonight

Punk Rock Saved My Life

#Mahones, #Rumjacks #Greenland Whalefishers #Ferocious Dog #shitenonions

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Shite'n'Onions celtic-punk Podcast #88

Shite'n'Onions celtic-punk Podcast #88

The Mahones - Punk Rock Saved My Life - from Hunger and the Fight II

Trouble Pilgrims - Instant Polaroid -The Single - the new single from Dublin's original punks FKA Radiators from Space

The Go Set - The Old Dark Brown - from their debut 

The Ramshackle Army - Uprising Young Citizen

Wild Colonial Bhoys -  Falling Through the Cracks - from the new album On Our Own

Larkin - A Taste to St. Jude - the title track from the new album

Greenland Whalefishers - Tinted - The Thirsty Cave 

Greenland Whalefishers - 20 Years of Waiting - The Thirsty Cave 

The Tosspints - Pirate's Life - for Phil the Grinningbegger

The Devils Cut -  Bonfire Hill

JackDaw - Billy Brown - much missed Buffalo, NY pipe'n'punks

Pete Berwick - The Legend of Tyler Doohan - Pete Berwick the original redneck cowpunk

Pete Berwick - Keep your socks on and don't look down

Bernie Torme Band - Tear It Down - '77 guitar hero punk Bernie went on to heavy metal glory 

The Mahones  I Can Only Give You Everything - doing Them from Hunger and the Fight I

In For A Penny - Tattletale

The Fatty Farmers - Grandma's Drug Lab

Bangers'n'Mash - Morrison's Jig





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Shite'n'Onions Podcast #87

Shite'n'Onions podcast #87 July 2014


Celtic-punk for the masses




Band - Song - Album


01 - Lexington Field  - Ghostwriter - Greenwood


02 - The Kissers - What They Can - Good Fight!


03 -  Pete Berwick - Renegade - Give It Time


04 - Drunken Dolly - Drunken Man's Curse - And The Drunken Man's Curse


05 - Stone Clover - One More Beer - Proper Villians


06 - Amadan -  The Old North End - Pacifica


07 - Circle J - The Ones We Left Behind - Year Of The Goat (EP)


08 - Charm City Saints - The Night Paddy Murphy Died - Hooligans & Saints


09 - Uncle Hamish & The Hooligans - Jolly Beggerman - Operators Are Standing By...


10 - Currency - 888 - The Currency


11 - The Tossers - Bombo Lane - The Emerald City


12 - Kilkenny Knights - Dance! - Brady's Pub Tales


13 - McGillicuddys - Buy Us a Drink - Kilt By Death


14 - The Tossers - Sláinte - The Emerald City


15 - The Tosspints -  The Privateer - The Privateer


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Shite’n’Onions Podcast #86 - Here's to you Shane MacGowan

Here's to you Shane MacGowan. Songs about and inspired by the legendary Pogue.


Hit The Bottle Boys - Queen and Tequila

Mursheen Durkin - The Pogues & Whiskey

The Dirges - BOSM

Filthy Thieving Bastards - Phony Drunken Poet

Dipsomaniacs - Shane MacGowan

Neck - Blue Skies Over Nenagh

The Kidney Stones - Whiskey Vomit n Piss

The Mahones - Across the USA

Shambolics - Pogue Mahone (Kiss My Arse)

The Gobshites - Shane's Dentist

БелФасТ (Belfast) - Угонщик О'Хара

Lullygag - Shane Macgowan

The Mahones - A Great Night On The Lash

Lancaster County Prison - Kerry Dancing

Danny Pope - Rub a Dub in da Pub

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Shite’n’Onions Podcast #85

Shite’n’Onions Podcast #85  featuring three tracks from the new Rumjacks album, Sober & Godless.


The Rumjacks - Blows & Unkind Words

The Rumjacks - Barred For Life

Darkbuster - Danny Boy

Bloody Irish Boys - Shake Hands With the Devil

Runnin' Riot - Judge Jury And Executioner

Neck - Blood On The Streets

The Rumjacks - 400 Miles

Continental - She's Gone

Headsticks - Cold

Devils Cut - Antium











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Shite’n’Onions Podcast #84 - 2015 St. Patrick's Day 2015 Paddy's day Celtic-punk special


01 - The Mahones - St. Patrick's Day Irish Punk Song

02 - The Rumjacks - Irish Pub Song

03 - Neck - Every Day's St Patrick's Day

04 - Kilkenny Knights - Dance!

05 - Bill Grogan's Goat - The Galway Races

06 - Craic-  Dirty Old Town

07 - The Tossers - St Patrick's Day

08 - Finnegan's Hell - Reversed Evolution

09 - The Bastard Bearded Irishmen - All For Me Grog

10 - Blaggards - Slapper's Medley

11- Blood or Whiskey - Kelly of Killann

12 - The Gobshites - Drunken Night In Dublin

13 - Sir Reg - Arrive On St Patrick's Day

14 - The Skels - Have A Drink Ya Bastards

15 - BibleCodeSundays - Paddy Devil

16 - The Bloody Irish Boys - Auld St Patrick

17 - The Rumjacks - Blows & Unkind Words

18 - The Wakes - Southside Paddy

19 - The Brazen Heads - Who's Yer Paddy

20 - Celkilt - We Never Try

21 - Black 47 - Livin' In America

22 - The Pourmen -  What Did I Drink Last Night

23 - Darkbuster - Irish

24 - Bastards on Parade - St Patrick's Day

25 - Frank Mackey And The Keltic Cowboys - Kiss My Irish Ass

26 - Lexington Field - Galway Bay

27 - Fiddler's Green - Sporting Day

28 - Mursheen Durkin - The Pogues & Whiskey

29 - Whiskey of the Damned - Batons and Guns

30 - The Tosspints - Blood or Whiskey

31 - Greenland Whalefishers - Hole In Our Hearts

32 - Mushroom - The Liothdón


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Shite’n’Onions Podcast #83 – dedicated to Cuzo

Podcast 83 is specially dedicated to Mahones bass player Cuzo who passed on suddenly last week. Cuzo was with The Mahones from 2012 but also a long time friend of the band. The podcast features tracks from the three Mahones albums that Cuzo played on - Angels & Devils, The Hunger & The Fight  and live in Italy. RIP

Track List:

The Mahones - Shakespeare Road

The Mahones - A Pint Of Plan (And A Drop Of The Pure)

Craic - Hold The Penny

The Tosspints - Genocide is Painless

Shambolocs - Pogue Mahone (Kiss My Arse)

The Pourmen - Whaling City

Irish Whispa - Rising of the Moon

Craic - Lily & Nolan

The Canny Brothers Band - Some Say the Devil is Dead

Wages of Sin - Vigilante

The Mahones - The Hunger & The Fight

The Mahones - Last One To Die

The Mahones - Teenage Kicks (feat The Defects)

Hugh Morrison - Parting Glass

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Thought we'd do a podcast dedicated to the proud musical tradition of the Irish and Irish-American outlaw.

Brennan on the Moore: Pat Chessell Brennan was an highwayman from Cork who was hung around 1812. Sold out by a lady friend. The Clancy Brothers made Brennan on the Moore famous and ironically Bob Dylan stole it an turned it it into “Ramblin’ Gamblin Willie” EdinburghAnnualRegister1809-01-04_p44               Whiskey in the Jar: Bearded Bastard Irishmen Maybe the most famous Irish ballad ever with roots going back to the 1600s. The Dubliners brought it in to the modern era but it is most associated with Thin Lizzy (despite the fact some Metallica fans think it was written by Lars). Like Brennan the unnamed highwayman was sold out by a scorned woman. So beware, if you plan to make a career robbing stage coaches, don't trust the molls. Attack-By-Highway-Men                     Grace O'Malley: The Dreadnoughts Despite sounding like the name of a SNL catholic school girl, Grace was the most fearsome pirate of the 1500s. So ferocious the even Queen Elizabeth paid tribute to her. Gráinne-Mhaol-pirate-queen-of-Connacht-behind-the-legend-1                       Newry Highwayman: The Kissers A highwayman looks back on his life with out remorse before he has his neck stretched on Stephens Green. cheap-repository-back-giles-hanging Five Points: Black 47 Seen The Gangs of New York? That was the FIve Points. The Five Points                 The Legend Of Money Malone: Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers 5-12 Marovitz 26.jpg         Gangster and politicians in the Windy City are often one and the same. Legs Diamond: The Great Western Squares NYC gangster, bootlegger and inspiration for the name of a doggy metal band. JackDiamondLegs-Diamond-Out-On_C2501               Animal Gang Blues: Trouble Pilgrims Dublin street gang of the 1930s.The picture is of the infamous Lugs Brannigan of the Garda riot squad who dealt out street justice. Lugs                 RTE documentary on the Animal Gang Honour of the Gael: The BibleCodeSundays Written by BCS for a movie about the Irish-American gangsters of Charlestown, MA. The movie was never made but there are more then a couple of movies floating around about the townies. __480_322_MDC Police 5                 Robin Hood of Collinwood: Mary's Lane Danny Greene, the Irish man the mod could not kill (until they killed him). In death he lives on as a beer and an old skool hardcore band. marketgarden-danny-greene                           Whitey: The BibleCodeSundays No introduction needed here. The bio-picture coming soon to a movie theater near you (though I doubt the will be a Whitey beer anytime soon) whitey-bulger                     Sawney Bean: Junkman's Choir A clan of Scottish cannibals. The story of 'em scared the shite out of me as a child. 388717702

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