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Shite n Onions

Dec 2, 2010

Thanks to Brandon Lee for the suggestion for the theme of Podcast#31. Here we have traditional Irish folk ballads made famous by The Clancy's and The Dubliners given a Celtic Punk ass kicking.

Larkin - A Nation Once Again - The Curse Of Our Fathers

Hit The Bottle Boys - O'Sullivan's John

The Mahones - Wiskey In The Jar - Irish Punk Collection

Jackdaw - Black And Tans - Armed & Legged

Finn's Fury - Auld Triangle - Paddy Rock V2

Saint Bushmill's Choir - Sam Hall - Give Em Enough Booze [EP]

Neck - McAlpines Fusileers - Here's Mud In Your Eye

Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers - The Minstrel Boy - The Murderer The Thief The Minstrels & The Rest

Fiddler's Green - Mrs McGrath - Sports Day At Killaloe

Bill Grogan's Goat - The Wild Rover - Bill Grogan's Goat 

Kilmaine Saints - Whiskey in the Jar - The Good The Plaid and The Ugly

Barleyjuice - Nancy Whiskey - Bonny Prince Barley

Devil's Advocates - Kelly, the Boy from Killane - Snipers in Derelect Houses

Birmingham Six - Foggy Dew - Iron Rations

The Langer's Ball - Patriot Game - Ships Are Sailing

The Fisticuffs - Finnegan's Wake - Neatly Stumblin'

The Rumjacks - I'll Tell Me Ma! - Hung Drawn & Potered