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Shite n Onions

Dec 18, 2010

Podcast #33 takes a slightly different track - we feature Celtic blues and blues-rock. The show is built around the excellent new CD from Bat Kinane - A Lifetime to Kill. All the featured artists are from Ireland and they all play tribute to a certain Cork man.


The Deans - Born In The Rock - One

Bat Kinane - Stage Struck 74 - A Lifetime to Kill

Bat Kinane - Voodoo Bones - A Lifetime to Kill

Barry McCabe - The Emigrant - The Peace Within

Pat McManus Band - Return Of The G Man - In My Own Time

Barry McCabe - I Wonder (w/Pat McManus) - Acoustic Album

Bat Kinane - The Intrepid Fox (w/Pat McManus) - A Lifetime to Kill

Black 47 - Rory - Green Suede Shoes 



bootsy bass
over twelve years ago

Great Podcast. I heard of it through Barry McCabes web page. Downloaded ALL episodes from iTunes and am working through them all. LOTS to absorb!! LOL

Greetings from Canada
Bootsy Bass