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Shite n Onions

Jan 28, 2011

The Mahones - A Pain From Yesterday - The Black Irish

The Mahones - Give It All Ya Got - The Black Irish

 Drunken Dru - Is This Bar Open Till Tommorrow - Saint Henri

The Radiators From Space - Joe Strummer - Trouble Pilgram

The Wakes - St Patricks Battalion - No Irish Need Apply

Blaggard - Suspicious Minds - Standards

Farley's Fury - Anchor - Purgatory Quebec

The Mahones - Ghost Of A Whiskey Devil - The Black Irish

The Mahones - Girl With Galway Eyes - The Black Irish

The Cyder Fecks - The Dropkick Murphys Took My Baby Away

Black Irish Texas - To Hell With The King - To Hell With The King

BibleCodeSundays - Paddy Devil - EP

The Lagan - Work Away