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Shite n Onions

May 31, 2011

Podcast#42 featuring Chicago's The Fisticuffs and their new release, You'll Not Take Us Alive.

The Fisticuffs - Paddys NNA -  You'll Not Take Us Alive

The Fisticuffs - Dead And Gone -  You'll Not Take Us Alive

Catgut Mary - Melbourne Tram Song - The Mahones Vs Catgut Mary

The Mahones - Give It All Ya Got - Black irish 

Sharks Come Crusin' - Farewell-to-Nova-Scotia - A Past We Forget That We Need to Know

Bastards on Parade - INFAMOUS - Tales From The Death Shore

The Fisticuffs - Silent On The South Side - You'll Not Take Us Alive

Blood Or Whiskey - Your Majesty - No Need To Explaine

The Bloody Irish Boys - Dirty Little Town - Auld St. Patrick

The Fisticuffs - In Heaven There Is No Beer - You'll Not Take Us Alive - 2001 to 2011 - 10 years spreading Punk'n'Irish noise pollution