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Shite n Onions

Feb 18, 2013

Shite'n'Onions Podcast#68 - We'll take a break from our history of Ireland series with this podcast and spin some tracks from recently received CDs and a few of old ones.

Blood Or Whiskey - Frank
The Authority!-If I Should Fall From Grace With God
Charm City Saints - Dicey Riley
Nogoodnix - Untimely Blessings
JackDaw - Hogjaw
The Mahones - The Amsterdam Song
Circle J - Molly Maguires
Handsome Young Strangers - Jog Along Til Shearing
In Search Of A Rose - Shamrocknroll
Gerard Smith - Cruiscin Lan
Uncle Hamish & The Hooligans - Fanfare (For The Common Scotsman)
Prydein - Devil's In the Kitchen
The Krusty Moores - Highwayman
Black Friday - Mason Apron & Drowsy Maggy
Blackwater Jukebox - Carousel
The Bog Hoppers - Die Hard