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Shite n Onions

Apr 24, 2010

Three Day Threshold - My Favorite Titty Bar -Straight Out of the Barrel

Three Day Threshold - Coffee-Whiskey -Straight Out of the Barrel

Lancaster County Prison - Iron Clad -Every Goddamn Time

Mahones - Going Back To Dublin - Here Comes Lucky

Los Langeros - Greasy Goat - This is Normal

Jake & The Blades - Hell To Hell - A Quite Sunday in london

Pete Berwick - Busted In Kentucky - Just Another Day in Hell

 Great Western Squares - Tom Dooley - Judas Steer

The Gartloney Rats - Man Of Constant Sorrow

Rogue's March - I Wish My Wife Was a Country Singer - Never Fear

Three Day Threshold - Whiskey River -Straight Out of the Barrel