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Shite n Onions

May 12, 2010

Podcast 21 is dedicated to Celtic-Punk from Continental Europe (plus one UK based band)- Thanks to Waldo from the excellent and expert on all things Celtic-punk for pulling the playlist together and providing the tracks. The featured CD is Weekend Warriors from Circle J


Circle J - One Day - Weekend Warriors (Netherlands)

Circle J - Roadtrip Astuzias - Weekend Warriors (Netherlands)

Sir Reg - Drink up ya sinners - This is Sir Reg (Sweden)

Paddy and the Rats - The Six Rats Rovers - Rats on Board (Hungary)

Black Tartan Clan - Beer and Women - Boots, Kilts'n'Pipes (Belgium)

Benjaming Band - Americke Popelniky - Americke Popelniky (Czech Republic)

Calico Street Riots - A Pint and a Fight Demo (England)

Drink Hunters - Drinking Song - I Love Whiskey, I Love Beer Demo (Spain)

Brutus Daughters - Empire of Crime - When the Pubs Are Dying (pain)

Firkin - Firkinful Of Beer  - Firkinful of Beer (Hungary)

Pilsner Oiquell - Prava lask - Na zapadni fronte klid (Czech Republic) 

BlackPint - Brucia - BlackPint EP, 2009 (Switzerland)

Circle J - Fairytale At Sea - Weekend Warriors (Netherlands)


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