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Shite n Onions

May 12, 2015

Here's to you Shane MacGowan. Songs about and inspired by the legendary Pogue.


Hit The Bottle Boys - Queen and Tequila

Mursheen Durkin - The Pogues & Whiskey

The Dirges - BOSM

Filthy Thieving Bastards - Phony Drunken Poet

Dipsomaniacs - Shane MacGowan

Neck - Blue Skies Over Nenagh

The Kidney Stones - Whiskey Vomit n Piss

The Mahones - Across the USA

Shambolics - Pogue Mahone (Kiss My Arse)

The Gobshites - Shane's Dentist

БелФасТ (Belfast) - Угонщик О'Хара

Lullygag - Shane Macgowan

The Mahones - A Great Night On The Lash

Lancaster County Prison - Kerry Dancing

Danny Pope - Rub a Dub in da Pub