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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#34 - Pete Berwick/Americana feature

Podcast#34 features the new CD from original Cow-punk Pete Berwick - Give it Time

Pete Berwick - Renegade - Give It Time

Pete Berwick - Beer - Give It Time

The Kissers - Kicked In The Head - Good Fight!

Junkman's Choir - The Cuckoo - Junkman's Choir

Great Western Squares - Tom Dooley - Judas Steer

Filthy Thieving Bastards - Dusty Roads - I'm A Son of a Gun


Three Day Threshold - Jim Beam - Straight Out Of The Barrel

 Girls Guns And Glory - Brown Bottle Blues - Pretty Little Wrecking Ball

Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers - The Devil & Dr Holmes - The Murderer The Thief The Minstrels & The Rest

Pete Berwick - I keep it waiting - Give It Time

The Fucking Buckaroos - Danville Girl


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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#33 - Celtic Blues

Podcast #33 takes a slightly different track - we feature Celtic blues and blues-rock. The show is built around the excellent new CD from Bat Kinane - A Lifetime to Kill. All the featured artists are from Ireland and they all play tribute to a certain Cork man.


The Deans - Born In The Rock - One

Bat Kinane - Stage Struck 74 - A Lifetime to Kill

Bat Kinane - Voodoo Bones - A Lifetime to Kill

Barry McCabe - The Emigrant - The Peace Within

Pat McManus Band - Return Of The G Man - In My Own Time

Barry McCabe - I Wonder (w/Pat McManus) - Acoustic Album

Bat Kinane - The Intrepid Fox (w/Pat McManus) - A Lifetime to Kill

Black 47 - Rory - Green Suede Shoes 



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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#31 feat. The Rumjacks, Gangs of New Holland

Featured CD - "Gangs of New Holland" by the The Rumjacks.

The Rumjacks - Uncle Tommy - Gangs of New Holland

The Rumjacks - Spit In The Street - Gangs of New Holland

Pete Berwick - Is that what you're telling me - Give it Time

Bastards on Parade - Captains Dargle - Death Shore Pirates

The Rumjacks - Jolly Executioner - Gangs of New Holland

Circle J - Weekend Warriors - Weekend Warriors

Flatfoot 56 - Born For This - Blackthorn

The Go Set - New Race - Rising

Neck - Blue Skies Over Nenagh - Sod 'em & Begorrah

Bat Kinane - The Intrepid Fox - A lifetime to kill

The Rumjacks - Green Ginger Wine - Gangs of New Holland

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#31 - Traditional's given a Paddy Punk ass kicking

Thanks to Brandon Lee for the suggestion for the theme of Podcast#31. Here we have traditional Irish folk ballads made famous by The Clancy's and The Dubliners given a Celtic Punk ass kicking.

Larkin - A Nation Once Again - The Curse Of Our Fathers

Hit The Bottle Boys - O'Sullivan's John

The Mahones - Wiskey In The Jar - Irish Punk Collection

Jackdaw - Black And Tans - Armed & Legged

Finn's Fury - Auld Triangle - Paddy Rock V2

Saint Bushmill's Choir - Sam Hall - Give Em Enough Booze [EP]

Neck - McAlpines Fusileers - Here's Mud In Your Eye

Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers - The Minstrel Boy - The Murderer The Thief The Minstrels & The Rest

Fiddler's Green - Mrs McGrath - Sports Day At Killaloe

Bill Grogan's Goat - The Wild Rover - Bill Grogan's Goat 

Kilmaine Saints - Whiskey in the Jar - The Good The Plaid and The Ugly

Barleyjuice - Nancy Whiskey - Bonny Prince Barley

Devil's Advocates - Kelly, the Boy from Killane - Snipers in Derelect Houses

Birmingham Six - Foggy Dew - Iron Rations

The Langer's Ball - Patriot Game - Ships Are Sailing

The Fisticuffs - Finnegan's Wake - Neatly Stumblin'

The Rumjacks - I'll Tell Me Ma! - Hung Drawn & Potered

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#30 - Oldies

Episode 30 goes back to the early years of Shite'n'Onions and features the bands we were writing about in 2001 and 2002. Some of those bands have gone on to great things, some are still slogging away treading the boards and others are RIP - all great music though.

Neck - Loud 'n' Proud 'n' Bold - Phycho Ceilidh!

Swingin' Utters - Brazen Head - Brazen Head EP

Dropkick Murphys - Boys On The Docks - Boys On The Docks EP

The Skels - The Holy Ground- Stoney Road

Riverflow  - Maria - Live At Shannons

Greenland Whalefishers - Peggy Lettermore - The Mainstreet Sword

Big Bad Bollocks - Blarney Stoned - Where the Beef Meets the Sea

The Ruffians - Never Will Marry - Naked and Famous

Blood Or Whiskey - Poxy Pub - Rejected V3

Culann's Hounds - Bourbon and Toulouse - House of Faith Session, The

 Hudson Falcons - Brenda Murphy - 4 Bands From Jersey That Could Change The World

Filthy Thieving Bastards - Take Me To The Medics - Our Fathers Sent Us

Authority - The Authority!-If I Should Fall From Grace With God - Scene Killer Vol.2

The Stoaters - O´Reilly (Live) - Keep the Head

Fathom - Same Old Roads - Available Light

Nogoodnix - Piss On Luck - Pub Punx United


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The Skels - Broken Heart in Every Empty Glass - Stoney Road

The Peelers - I'll Meet You At The Bottom (Of A Bottle) - Boots and Suits

The Currency - Anchor & Crown - The Currency

Lancaster County Prison - Satan Is Waiting - Every Goddamn Time

The Popes - Chino's Place - Holloway Boulevard

The Skels - I'll See You in Hell - Stoney Road


The Kissers - Ballad Of Cobb Tyler - Good Fight


The Bsyy McCabe Band - Talkin' woman blues - The Acoustic Album

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#28 - Odd's and Sods

Shite'n'Onions Podcast#28 - Odd's and Sods - No theme to this show. Just a collection of old and new, stuff you've hear and stuff you haven't - Celtic - Punk - Rock!

 Horslips - Dearg Doom - The Táin<br>

Auld Corn Brigade - Dirty old town - A Fighter's Lullabies<br>

Blood Or Whiskey - Keep The Baby - Blood Or Whiskey<br>

The Brazen Heads - Who's Yer Paddy The Brazen Heads<br>

The Zydepunks - Dear Molly - Finisterre<br>

The Kidney Stones - Whiskey Vomit n Piss - Rise Em Up<br>

Neck - Irish Blood, English Heart<br>

The Dirges - Ballad of Shane MacGowan - When Laughing Got You Killed<br>

The Radiators - Television Screen - TV Tube Heart<br>

Lullygag - Shane Macgowan - Bad Words, Good Thoughts<br>

GC5 - Molly Maguire - Singles Collection




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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#27 - featuring The Tossers

Shite'n'Onions pays tribute to The Tossers.

The Tossers - Good Mornin' Da - Gloatin' and Showboatin' Live On St. Patrick's Day

The Tossers - First League Out From Land - Purgatory

Meisce - When the guns have all been fired -Mutiny

The Fisticuffs - Johnny O'Reilly - Neatly Stumblin'

Mutiny - Police Strike Riot - Mutiny

Hugh Morrison - Ye Jacobites By Name - Robert Burns Rocks

The Tossers - Seven Curses - The First League Out From Land

Pete Berwick - Roadkill Blues - Just Another Day In Hell

Pól Mac Adaim - Trip To Jerusalem - Forsaken Land

The Swaggerin' Growlers - Keep Your Head Held High - Keep Your Head Held High

The Tossers - Mad Riot - Long Dim Road

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast #25: Kilmaine Saints- The Good The Plaid and The Ugly

01 - Kilmaine Saints - Amazing Grace - The Good The Plaid and The Ugly

02 - Kilmaine Saints - The Saints are Up! - The Good The Plaid and The Ugly

03 - Jackdaw - Where Is Clarie - Whiskey EP

04 - Flatfoot56 - Jungle Of The Midwest Sea - Jungle Of The Midwest Sea

05 - Fiddler's Green - Highland Road - Sports Day At Killaloe

06 - Catgut Mary - Jack london - The Mahones Vs Catgut Mary

07 - The Go Set - Fifty Four - Rising

08 - Prydein - Stairway To Scotland - Loud Pipes

09 - Pipes and Pints - Where Is My America 

10 - Kilmaine Saints - Casey's Swagger - The Good The Plaid and The Ugly

11 - Kilmaine Saints - Póg Mo Thóin - The Good The Plaid and The Ugly

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Shite n Onions Podcast 25 - featuring The Mighty Regis / 21

01 - Kilmaine Saints - Wearing of the Green / The Good The Plaid and The Ugly

02 - The Mighty Regis - Perfect Unperfected / 21

03 - The Mighty Regis - A Quiet Man / 21

04 - Pressgang - The Gaberlunzie Man / Outlandish

05 - Rogue's March - The Bog / Never Fear

06 - Brutus' Daughter - Born A Girl / When The Pubs Are Dying

07 - Surfin' Turnips - Women + Whiskey / Return To Turbo Island

08 - The Mighty Regis - Brothers Rafferty (2010) / 21

09 - Birmingham Six - Farewell Ye Bastards / Iron Rations

10 - Hugh Morrison - Ye Jacobites By Name / Robert Burns Rocks

11 - Larkin - The Devil And I (Rock) / The Curse Of Our Fathers

12 - The Mighty Regis - Holy Heads / 21

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When I was a wee laddie, I had a subscription to Kerrang! magazine (my taste has since improved) and one of the things as a music geek I’d love was their lists of best of all time. These lists would give me names of bands who’s records I’d go and track down, a sense of smugness as I’d agree with their choices and a sense of superiority as I disagreed with other choices. So, in the spirit of education and being a music snob, here is my list of the best Celtic-punk CDs of all time (subject to change of course).

1) The Pogues: Rum Sodomy and The Lash

The Pogues very best despite Elvis Costello’s production. The original of the species and the best. Without this we’d still be listening to Van Hagar

2) Flogging Molly: Swagger


FMs best and never yet repeated. The band and CD that started the US scene

3) Neck: Sod’em and Begorrah


The world most definite Celtic-punk band, their most definite CD

4) The Tossers: The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Contains the best single Celtic-punk track ever - the Dee Dee Ramone tribute, “No Loot, No Booze, No Fun” and the rest of the tracks aren’t half bad either

5) Blood or Whiskey: Blood or Whiskey

The band that made me open my eyes that there was more out there than just The Pogues

6) Greenland Whalefishers: Loboville

Not a drop of Irish blood and this good - no way - yeah way

7) Shane MacGowan and The Popes: The Snake

Just to prove Shane-O could do it without The Pogues

8) The Mahones: Here Come Lucky

Contains the other best single Celtic-punk track ever - “The Queen and Tequila”. Finny McConnell proves he’s one of the best song writers in any scene

9) Dropkick Murphys: Warriors Code

I’m Shipping up to Boston – it will have you’re Granny singing along. Nuff said

10) BibleCodeSundays: Boot or no Boots

The future of Celtic-punk and the band that will break through to the stadiums (and redemption for the MacManus clan after elder brothers messing up of the production on 1)

Other Honorable’s

The Go Set: Sing a Song of Revolution

Totally out of the blue these guys showed up in the mail box and blow me away. Totally raw and passionate

Black 47: Fire of Freedom

While not strictly Celtic-punk I wouldn’t be doing this without B47

The Rumjacks: Both EPs

When they get their debut full length out they will be bumping someone off the list




The Rumjacks - I'll Tell Me Ma!

The Rumjacks - The Bold Rumjacker

Black 47 - James Connolly

Black 47 - Livin' In America

The Go Set - The Old Dark Brown

The Go Set - Sing Me A Song

BibleCodeSundays - Irish Londoner

BibleCodeSundays - The Green & Red of Harrow

The Mahones - Queen And Tequila

The Mahones - Going Back To Dublin

Greenland Whalefishers - July Morning

Greenland Whalefishers - Loboville

Blood or Whiskey - Bucharest

Blood or Whiskey - Galway Town

The Tossers - No Loot No Booze No Fun

The Tossers - Goodmornin' Da

Neck - Psycho Ceilidh Mayhem Set

Neck - Blood On The Streets


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Shite'n'Onions Podcast #23 Greenland Whalefishers

Postcast #23 features Greenland Whalefishers in one - SONGS FROM the Bunker.



01 - Greenland Whalefishers - Intro - SONGS FROM the BUNKER

02 - Greenland Whalefishers - Police Chief Inspector - SONGS FROM the BUNKER

03 - Kevin Flynn & the Avondale Ramblers - One Day in May - Double Door 9-15-09

04 - The Mickey Finn - It's Not The Whiskey - It's Not The Whiskey

05 - Greenland Whalefishers - Back Up Man - SONGS FROM the BUNKER

06 - The Staggerers - Pitbulls Don't Play Banjo - Year Of The Bastard

07 - The Staggerers - Hills Of Connemara - Year Of The Bastard

08 - The Righs - What good is Death - Roses

09 - Black 47 - Downtown Baghdad Blues - Iraq

10 - Greenland Whalefishers - Waiting - SONGS FROM the BUNKER

11 - Ceann - Last Ones Standing - Rave, Rant, Lose Pants

12 - Barry McCabe - Mountains Of Mourne

Keep Shite'n'Onions podcast going - make a dontation over on


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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#22 - Hail The Mahones (live in Boston July 24)

Shite'n'Onions pays tribute to The Mahones (playing Boston's McGanns on July 24th with The Gobshites and Chris Skel). Hail The Mahones.


Intro - Shite'n'Onions by Neck

01- Mahones - Queen And Tequila 

02 - Mahones - Mahones Medley

03 - Mahones - Down The Boozer

04 - The Peelers - I'll Meet You At The Bottom (Of A Bottle)

05 - Bang on The Ear - Glengarry County

06 - The Dreadnoughts - Fire Marshall Willy

07 - Siòbhan - The Kilfinane Parish

08 - The Town Pants - The Molly Maguires

09 - Pat Chessell - If I Had A Quarter

10 - The Mahones - Celtic Pride

11 - The Mahones - Teenage Kicks

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Podcast 21 is dedicated to Celtic-Punk from Continental Europe (plus one UK based band)- Thanks to Waldo from the excellent and expert on all things Celtic-punk for pulling the playlist together and providing the tracks. The featured CD is Weekend Warriors from Circle J


Circle J - One Day - Weekend Warriors (Netherlands)

Circle J - Roadtrip Astuzias - Weekend Warriors (Netherlands)

Sir Reg - Drink up ya sinners - This is Sir Reg (Sweden)

Paddy and the Rats - The Six Rats Rovers - Rats on Board (Hungary)

Black Tartan Clan - Beer and Women - Boots, Kilts'n'Pipes (Belgium)

Benjaming Band - Americke Popelniky - Americke Popelniky (Czech Republic)

Calico Street Riots - A Pint and a Fight Demo (England)

Drink Hunters - Drinking Song - I Love Whiskey, I Love Beer Demo (Spain)

Brutus Daughters - Empire of Crime - When the Pubs Are Dying (pain)

Firkin - Firkinful Of Beer  - Firkinful of Beer (Hungary)

Pilsner Oiquell - Prava lask - Na zapadni fronte klid (Czech Republic) 

BlackPint - Brucia - BlackPint EP, 2009 (Switzerland)

Circle J - Fairytale At Sea - Weekend Warriors (Netherlands)


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Three Day Threshold - My Favorite Titty Bar -Straight Out of the Barrel

Three Day Threshold - Coffee-Whiskey -Straight Out of the Barrel

Lancaster County Prison - Iron Clad -Every Goddamn Time

Mahones - Going Back To Dublin - Here Comes Lucky

Los Langeros - Greasy Goat - This is Normal

Jake & The Blades - Hell To Hell - A Quite Sunday in london

Pete Berwick - Busted In Kentucky - Just Another Day in Hell

 Great Western Squares - Tom Dooley - Judas Steer

The Gartloney Rats - Man Of Constant Sorrow

Rogue's March - I Wish My Wife Was a Country Singer - Never Fear

Three Day Threshold - Whiskey River -Straight Out of the Barrel


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Shite'n'Onions #19 _ Featuring FLATFOOT56

Shite'n'Oniosn Podcast#19.

Featuring Flatfoot56's new release Black Thorn

01 Flatfoot 56 - Black Thorn - Black Thorn

02 Flatfoot 56 - Son Of Shame - Black Thorn

03 Pipes and Pints - Bad Times - Until We Die

04 Bastards on Parade - Death Shore Pirates -Death Shore Pirates

05 Flatfoot 56 - Hourglass- Black Thorn

06 The Righs - Double Edged Sword - Roses

07 Pressgang - Bonny Ship The Diamond Outlandish

08 Neck - The Lilting Banshee Set - An Foireann Bean Si Ouirt - Come Out Fighting

09 Flatfoot 56 - Way Of The Sun- Black Thorn

10 Circle J - 1875 - Weekend Warriors

11 Bastards on Parade - St Patrick's Day -Death Shore Pirates

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Shite'n'Onions #18 St. Patrick's special part2

Big Bad Bollocks - Guinness

The Mahones - Whiskey Devils

Nogoodnix - Muirsheen Durkin

Fiddler's Green - Sporting Day

Blood Or Whiskey - Follow Me up to Carlow-Holt's Way

The Gobshites - Guinness Boys

Blaggard - Bog Songs

Larkin - Merry Ploughboy

Larkin - A Nation Once Again

The Dreadnoughts - Fire Marshall Willy

Greenland Whalefisher - The Mutineer

The Rumjacks - Shadrach Hannigan

Finn's Fury - Auld Triangle

Seanchai & The Unity Squad - Irish Catholic Boy

The Fisticuffs - Finnegan's Wake

The Electrics - Seventeen Bottles Of Porter

The Ceili Family - Delirium Tremens

Pat Chessell - On The One Road

Ceann - Last Ones Standing

The Pubcrawlers - Sally MacLennane 


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Shite'n'Onions #17 - Black 47 Bankers & Gangsters

Shows featured CD is Black 47s Bankers & Gangsters.

Black 47 - Celtic Rocker

Black 47 - That Summer Dress

Devil's Advocates - Andersontown

Lancaster County Prison - Home Sweet Brooklyn

The Wakes - James Connolly's Ghost

Boiled In Lead - Apple Tree Wassail

Bread & Roses - Babylon Is Fallen

Black 47 - Rockin' The Bronx (Live)

Black 47 - Long Lost Tapes of Hendrix

Barley Juice - A Band's A Band For A That



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Shite'n'Onions #16 St. Patrick's special

The Skels - Have A Drink Ya Bastards

The Rumjacks - Marie's Wedding

The Tosser - Johnny I

BibleCodeSundays - The Green Red of Harrow

Saint Bushmill's Choir - The Wild Rover

McDermott's 2 Hours - Laying The Sligo Maid

The Hit The Bottle Boys - The Recruiting Sergeant

Battering Ram - Take it Down From the Mast

Neck - McAlpines Fusileers

The Town Pants - Bold O'Donahue

The Peelers - The Little Beggerman

Cairde Na Gael - The Rising Of The Moon


The Mighty Regis - Real Deal Irish

Black 47 - Celtic Rocker

Neck - Every Day's St Patrick's Day

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Shite'n'Onions #15 - The Metal Years

Shite'n'Onions - The Metal Years - Folk meets Punk does Metal

Cruachan (w/Shane MacGowan) - Ride on EP

Dropkick Murphys - It's A Long Way To The Top (AC/DC) - Singles Collection 2

Warblefly - Road Crew (Motorhead)- Crashing Through Trees

The Town Pants - Run To The Hills (Iron Maiden) - Shore Leave

Great Western Squares - Ace Of Spades (Motorhead) - Judas Stear

Dropkick Murphys - Rock 'N' Roll (Motorhead) - Singles Collection 2

Runnin' Riot - We're not gonna take it (Twisted Sister) - Monk's Not Dead

Mama's Boys - Runaway Dreams - The Collection

Cruachan - to Hell or to Connaught - Ride On EP

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01 - Pipes and Pints - Intro - Until We Die
02 - Pipes and Pints - Where the Pipers Play - Until We Die
03 - Pipes and Pints - Braveheart - Until We Die
04 - The Skels - Pot To Piss In - Stoney Road
05 - The larkin Brigade - Tim Phoolan And The Worst Campaign For City Council Ever - Paddy Keys For Mayor
06 - Stuart Martz - Danny Boy - The Hungry Streets of Home
07 - The Kissers - Mountain Dew - Live Candy Ratz
08 - The Wakes - Drinkin' Song - No Irish Need Apply
09 - The Gartloney Rats - Plastic Jesus - The Gartloney Rats
10 - Bang on The Ear - Glengarry County - Green Grass and Gravel Roads
11 - Pól Mac Adaim - Trip To Jerusalem - Forsaken Land
12 - Pipes and Pints - Where Is My America - Until We Die
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Shite'n'Onions #13 - The Best of 2009

Shite'n'Onions #13 - The Best of 2009

10. (Joint) Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers – The Murderer, The Thief, The Minstrels and the Rest

The Legend Of Money Malone

10. (Joint) Warblefly: Tenerife to Dover

Warblefly In My Beer

9. Black Irish Texas - To Hell With The King

Get Em Off

8. Smokey Bastard - Propping up the Floor

Curse The London City Gent

7. Charm City Saints -Hooligans and Saints

Roddy McCorley, Whiskey in the Jar, Finnegans Wake

6. Pipes and Pints - EP

Heaven and Hell

5. The Currency - The Currency


4. The Dreadnoughts - Victory Square

Grace O'Malley

3. Fiddlers Green - Sports Day at Killaloe

Highland Road

2. Neck – Come Out Fighting

Barney Hare

1.The Rumjacks – Sound as a Pound/Hung, Drawn and Portered

The Bold Rumjacker

Shadrach Hannigan

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