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Shite n Onions

Dec 19, 2010

Podcast#34 features the new CD from original Cow-punk Pete Berwick - Give it Time

Pete Berwick - Renegade - Give It Time

Pete Berwick - Beer - Give It Time

The Kissers - Kicked In The Head - Good Fight!

Junkman's Choir - The Cuckoo - Junkman's Choir

Great Western Squares - Tom Dooley - Judas Steer

Filthy Thieving...

Dec 18, 2010

Podcast #33 takes a slightly different track - we feature Celtic blues and blues-rock. The show is built around the excellent new CD from Bat Kinane - A Lifetime to Kill. All the featured artists are from Ireland and they all play tribute to a certain Cork man.


The Deans - Born In The Rock - One

Bat Kinane - Stage...

Dec 12, 2010

Featured CD - "Gangs of New Holland" by the The Rumjacks.

The Rumjacks - Uncle Tommy - Gangs of New Holland

The Rumjacks - Spit In The Street - Gangs of New Holland

Pete Berwick - Is that what you're telling me - Give it Time

Bastards on Parade - Captains Dargle - Death Shore Pirates

The Rumjacks - Jolly...

Dec 2, 2010

Thanks to Brandon Lee for the suggestion for the theme of Podcast#31. Here we have traditional Irish folk ballads made famous by The Clancy's and The Dubliners given a Celtic Punk ass kicking.

Larkin - A Nation Once Again - The Curse Of Our Fathers

Hit The Bottle Boys - O'Sullivan's John

The Mahones - Wiskey In The...

Nov 20, 2010

Episode 30 goes back to the early years of Shite'n'Onions and features the bands we were writing about in 2001 and 2002. Some of those bands have gone on to great things, some are still slogging away treading the boards and others are RIP - all great music though.

Neck - Loud 'n' Proud 'n' Bold - Phycho...