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Shite'n'Onions podcast 112 - playlist

Big Bad Bollocks - Big Bad Bollocks (Night On The Tiles)

Sons of O'Flaherty - Dead and Gone (The Road Not Taken)

The Muckers -  Let's All Go To The Bar (One More Stout)

1916 - Tear the Pub Down (Last Call For Heros)

Catgut Mary - Melbourne Tram Song (The Mahones Vs Catgut Mary)

Hudson Falcons - Monahan's (Desperation and Revolution)

The Rumjacks -  Les Darcy (Sleepin' Rough)

Bleeding Hearts - The Devil's Mosh ('The Rules of Division)

The Pourmen - Whaling City (Too Old To Die Young)

Matilda's Scoundrels - Burn It Down (As The Tide Turns)

James McGrath - Race To The Bottom (Live At The Shed)

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