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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#63 A Christmas Celtic-punk Sojourn

Merry Christmas from Shite'n'Onions!

The Gobshites - Sorry Mom (I spent your Christmas Present Money On Beer)
The Mahones - Angel Without Wings _ Merry Christmas Baby
The Langers Ball - A Christmas Lullaby
JD & The Longfellows - The Sermon Xmas mix
The Gobshites - Christmas In Killarney
The Langers Ball - Auld Lang Syne
BibleCodeSundays - Christmas in London
The Gobshites - Christmas Eve In The Boozer
Monsterpop/JimmyD - Little Drummer Boy

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#62 featuring the Kilmaine Saints

Shite'n'Onions Podcast#62 feature Drunken Redemption the new album from the Kilmaine Saints.

Kilmaine Saints - Haul Away Joe / Drunken Redemption
Kilmaine Saints - All For One / Drunken Redemption
Auld Corn Brigade - Our Flag / Our Flag EP
Lexington Field - Selfish Bastard / Poor Troubled Life
Across The Border - Soldier John / Folkpunk Airraid
Bodh'aktan - À boire / Au diable les remords
BibleCodeSumdays - Mary of the...
The Mahones - Angel Without Wings Merry Christmas Baby / Angels & Devils
Bodh'aktan - Le medley du mal de pieds / Au diable les remords
Kilmaine Saints - Póg Mo Thóin / The Good The Plaid and The Ugly
The Wilde - I'm a man you don' t meet everyday / Vote Now, Pay Later
Pat Chessell - Drunk In Exile
Kilmaine Saints - Go On Home British Soldiers / Drunken Redemption
Handsome Young Strangers - Jog Along Til Shearing / Single A
Handsome Young Strangers - Wild Rover Again / Single B
Faire D'Ophelia - Tides Of Sorrow - potato eating, whiskey drinking, bog trotting, CELTIC PUNK'N'ROLL

Shite'n'Onions Podcast#61

Shite'n'Onions Podcast#61: Featuring the best of Celtic and folk punk. We have new music from The Mahones and Tomfooligans as well as some deep dives into the Shite'n'Onions vault with classics from Blood Or Whiskey and Neck plus the best of the latest releases.We also have a very unusual cover and to protect the guilty the name of the band is to be withheld.

Surfin' Turnips - Scrumpy Swillin Time Again

The Mahones - Angels & Devils

Handsome Young Strangers - Augathela Station

Tomfooligans - McGregor's Pipes

Blood Or Whiskey - Your Majesty

Bastards on Parade - St Patrick's Day

The Langer's Ball - Mackey's Daughter

The Gobshites - Guinness Boys

The Dreadnoughts - Grace O'Malley

The Fighting Jamesons - Johnny On The Island

Siobhan - Jakey's Gone To Germany

Across The Border - Soldier John

Auld Corn Brigade - A Mother's Heart

Bodh'aktan - La ballade de Jonathan Lewis

Charm City Saints - Dicey Riley

The Mighty Regis - Real Deal Irish

Neck - A Fistful Of Shamrock

Not Revealed - to protect the guilty

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#60 featuring PRYDEIN

Shite'n'Onions Podcast#60 feature the new album from Vermont based Bagpipes'n'Roll PRYDEIN

Artist - Song - Album

The Mahones - Shakespeare Road - Angels & Devils
Prydein - Devil's In the Kitchen - Heads Up
Prydein - Centerfold - Heads Up
The Mickey Finn - McGuinness' Mass - Prayers and Idle Chatter
In Search Of A Rose - Shamrocknroll - Reels & Roses Live
Jackdaw - Hogjaw (Live) - Brilliant, Sad, And Guilty
Auld Corn Brigade - Our Flag - Our Flag
Bodh'aktan - Les 3 capitaines - Bodh'aktan
The Krusty Moores - Face Like Death - A Stumbel In The Right Direction
Doug Folkins - King Henry's Good Times - Another Last Call
Sir Reg -  Bolloxology - A Sign of the Times
Rusty Nail - Damned Violent Things - Boozers, Bastards and Bards
The Go Set - Macpherson's Rant - Another Round In Melbourne Town (Live)
Prydein - Whisky You're the Devil - Heads Up
Prydein - Stairway To Scotland - Loud Pipes ( Saves Lives)

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The Langer's Ball - Whiskey Chaser
Handsome Young Strangers - Flash Jack From Gundagai
Brick Top Blaggers - Oregon Song
Black 47 - Five Points
Flatfoot 56 - Black Thorn
The Langer's Ball - Johnny Jump Up
The Rumjacks - Marie's Wedding
The Langer's Ball - Mackey's Daughter
The Radiators From Space - Head For The Sun
The Fighting Jamesons - Ghost Ship Baltimore
JD And The Longfellows - Happy Hour Again
Devil's Advocates - Summer on the Ormeau
Bill Grogan's Goat - Danny Boy

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#58

Sharks Come Crusin' - Blow-the-Man-Down - Hardtack EP

Brick Top Blaggers - Oregon Song - Coaster

The Fighting Jamesons - Ghost Ship Baltimore - The Fighting Jamesons

The Zydepunks - Papirossen in Gan Eden - Finisterre

McDermott's 2 Hours V Levellers - Bloody Sunday - Disorder

Lexington Field - Selfish Bastard - Poor Trouble Life

Larkin - Bottles in the Bay (Rock) - The Curse of Our Fathers

The Langers Ball - Mackeys Daughter - The Devil or the Barrell

Prydein - Devil's In the Kitchen - Heads Up

Craic Brothers - Come Out Ye Black 'n Tans - Craic Brothers

Auld Corn Brigade - Viva la Quinta Brigada -Our Flag

Val Cooke - Boss Murphy

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#57 - 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all our American friends.

Black 47 - Livin' In America

The Mahones - Across The USA

Pipes and Pints - Where Is My America

The Skels - American Men

The Swaggerin' Growlers - The Green Fields of America

BibleCode Sundays - Going On The Lash in The USA

Ceann - New York Girls

The Mahones - Streets Of New York

Sir Reg - I'll Leave For New York

The PubCrawlers - Boston Subway

Horslips - The Man Who Built America

Black 47 - Livin' In America - 11 Years on (with Mary Courtney)

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#56

Shite'n'Onions Podcast#56

The RumJacks - Uncle Tommy - Gangs Of New Holland
Brick Top Blaggers - No Prodigal Son - Coaster
Craic Brothers - Peter Corrigan - A Soldier's Song
RSA - Uprising Young Citizen - Life Lessons & Drunken Sessions
BibleCOdeSundays - The Pittsburgh Kid
Circle J - Diggers
Frank Mackey And The Keltic Cowboys - Kiss My Irish Ass
Neck - Blue Skies Over Nenagh
Currency - Anchor & Crown
McDermott's 2 Hours - The True Story Of Eugene McQuard
The Radiators From Space - Dublin - Sound City Beat

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Shite'n'Onions Podcast#55 - New Releases and Not

Shite'n'Onions Podcast#55 with a random mix of new releases and a couple of oldies.

Lexington Field - Selfish Bastard - Poor Troubled Life
Circle J - The Legend Of Robert Morgan - Diggers
Darkbuster - I Hate The Unseen - 22 Songs That You'll Never Want To Hear Again!
Darkbuster - Irish - 22 Songs That You'll Never Want To Hear Again!
The Skels - American Men - Headed For The Knackers Yard
GreenlandWhalefishers - July Morning - Live At Farmer Phils
The Gobshites - Drunken Night In Dublin - Poitin
Jackflash - Shearers Strike - Jackflash
Nick Burbridge & Tim Cotterell - Song Of Sisyphus - Gathered
The Brazen Heads - Who's Yer Paddy - Who's Yer Paddy
Surfin' Turnips - In The West Country - Return To Turbo Island
Shilelagh Law - 1 & 9- 1 & 9
BibleCodeSundays - The Kids From The City of Nowhere - Boots Or No Boots
Sir Reg - How The Hell Can You Sleep
Runnin' Riot - Judge Jury And Executioner - Reclaim The Streets
MaterDea - Lady of Inverness - Satyricon

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A short tribute to one of the most fertile countries for Celtic-Punk, German of course (and yes I know Jamie Clarke is English but he's been in Germany so long it makes it ok)

Fiddler's Green - Bugger Off
Jake & The Blades - Hell To Hell
Mr. Irish Bastard - Isn't It Grand Boys
Jamie Clarkes Perfect - Beatboys
Porters - Weila Weila
The Ceili Family - Fall Face First
Auld Corn Brigade - Muirsheen Durkin
The Pokes - High Hopes
Fiddler's Green - Sports Day Theme
Jamie Clarke`s Perfect - Tobi`s Fall (Orginal If I Should Fall From Grace With God)
Across The Border - Irish Airraid Over Germany

Jamie Clarkes Perfect - Thru Sid Vicious Eyes


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