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Shite n Onions

Mar 15, 2010

Big Bad Bollocks - Guinness

The Mahones - Whiskey Devils

Nogoodnix - Muirsheen Durkin

Fiddler's Green - Sporting Day

Blood Or Whiskey - Follow Me up to Carlow-Holt's Way

The Gobshites - Guinness Boys

Blaggard - Bog Songs

Larkin - Merry Ploughboy

Larkin - A Nation Once Again

The Dreadnoughts - Fire Marshall...

Mar 9, 2010

Shows featured CD is Black 47s Bankers & Gangsters.

Black 47 - Celtic Rocker

Black 47 - That Summer Dress

Devil's Advocates - Andersontown

Lancaster County Prison - Home Sweet Brooklyn

The Wakes - James Connolly's Ghost

Boiled In Lead - Apple Tree Wassail

Bread & Roses - Babylon Is Fallen

Black 47 - Rockin' The Bronx...

Mar 6, 2010

The Skels - Have A Drink Ya Bastards

The Rumjacks - Marie's Wedding

The Tosser - Johnny I

BibleCodeSundays - The Green Red of Harrow

Saint Bushmill's Choir - The Wild Rover

McDermott's 2 Hours - Laying The Sligo Maid

The Hit The Bottle Boys - The Recruiting Sergeant

Battering Ram - Take it Down From the Mast