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Shite n Onions

Jan 3, 2018

#1 The Peelers: Palace of the Fiend

Going Down Swingin' (ft. Finny McConnell)

I'm Off to Kill the Devil


#2 Flogging Molly: Life is Good

The Hand Of John L Sullivan

The Guns Of Jericho


#3 Bill Grogan’s Goat: Third Eye

Ye Jacobites By Name

Paddy's Dead


#4 The Trouble Pilgrims: Dark Shadows and Rust

Queen of Heartache

The Velvet Tongue


#5 The Tossers: Smash The Windows

Erin Go Bragh

The Foggy Dew


The Kilmaine Saints: Whiskey Blues and Faded Tattoos

Long Shot Nag


Black Anemone: In It For Life

Freedom and for all


 Craic: Sounds of Vandemark



Jamie Clarke’s Perfect: Hell Hath No Fury

Back From Hell


 The Templars of Doom: Bring Me the Head of John the Baptist

The Oliver Cromwell Twist


The Best Horslips Tribute released in 2017

Sword of Light