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Podcast#42 featuring Chicago's The Fisticuffs and their new release, You'll Not Take Us Alive.

The Fisticuffs - Paddys NNA -  You'll Not Take Us Alive

The Fisticuffs - Dead And Gone -  You'll Not Take Us Alive

Catgut Mary - Melbourne Tram Song - The Mahones Vs Catgut Mary

The Mahones - Give It All Ya Got - Black irish 

Sharks Come Crusin' - Farewell-to-Nova-Scotia - A Past We Forget That We Need to Know

Bastards on Parade - INFAMOUS - Tales From The Death Shore

The Fisticuffs - Silent On The South Side - You'll Not Take Us Alive

Blood Or Whiskey - Your Majesty - No Need To Explaine

The Bloody Irish Boys - Dirty Little Town - Auld St. Patrick

The Fisticuffs - In Heaven There Is No Beer - You'll Not Take Us Alive - 2001 to 2011 - 10 years spreading Punk'n'Irish noise pollution

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Shite'n'Onions podcast #41: BibleCodeSundays US Tour

The BibleCodeSundays undertake a short US tour to support their new EP, The Pittsburgh Kid, out now through iTunes as well as BCS's Andy Nolan's upcoming transatlantic gangster movie, Clan London. Come down and hear some great music and maybe be discovered.

May 20 Special show TBA in Boston*
May 21 "Clan London Party", The Four Green Fields - Boston, MA
May 22 "Clan London Party", Connollys West 45 - NYC
May 23 TBA
May 26 Whiskey Republic, Providence RI (Ken Casey of the DKM'd bar)
May 27,28,29 BlackThorne Resort - East Durham, with - Black 47,Derek Warfield,Whole Shabang,Gobshites and more

*I'm sworn to secrecy as to where and with whom they are playing with but it's big....

The BibleCodeSundays - Going On The Lash in The USA - Boots Or No Boots

The BibleCodeSundays - The Pittsburgh Kid - The Pittsburgh Kid EP

The Ramshackle Army - Uprising Young Citizen - Life Lessons

Jackflash - Rebel's Revenge

The Mighty Regis - Slugger O'Toole - Walking Around Lucky

Sharks Come Cruisin - Raise-Up - A PAst We Forget

The BibleCodeSundays - Snow Falling On Fire EscapesThe Pittsburgh Kid EP

Rathkeltair - Hard To Be Happy - Scenes from the Dragonfly Eye

Bastards on Parade - Gaelic - Tales from the Death Shore

The Lang - Sunny Day In Southie

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